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A farmer in Stardew Valley looking at the Stardrop Saloon arcade 1
Stardew Valley's Most Leisurely Activity is Its Most Difficult

While Stardew Valley makes farmwork and various chores into fun activities, one leisurely pursuit ends up as a much tougher endeavor.

Pokemon Go Eevee 1
Pokemon GO: Best Eeveelutions For PvP

Although there are eight possible evolutions of Eevee in Pokemon Go, not all of them are equally strong making some of them more suitable for PVP.

image showing a group of sleeping pokemon from the pokemon sleep game.  1
How to Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

This guide explains how to catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep and offers tips for getting more shiny encounters.

marvel-snap-spotlight-cache-doctor-doom-hulk 1
Marvel Snap: Spotlight Cache Cards (July & August)

Here is the list of all 12 cards that will be featured in Marvel Snap’s Spotlight Cache for Rise of the Phoenix.

pokemon-go-nightcap-snorlax-unlock-fast 1
Pokemon GO Exploit Lets You Unlock Nightcap Snorlax Much Quicker

A newly discovered Pokemon GO exploit can dramatically speed up how long it takes to gain a Nightcap Snorlax in the mobile game.

minecraft-player-3-zombie-spawners-discovery-lucky 1
Minecraft Player Makes Very Rare Find While Exploring

While exploring their world in Minecraft, one lucky gamer comes across an unlikely sight that has caught the attention of the Minecraft community.

re (5) 1
Why Marvel Snap’s Default Avatar is a Viable Poker Face

Marvel Snap allows for cosmetic personalization that can also sometimes have an impact on match-to-match mind games, such as in its avatars.

invincible comic book art 1
Invincible Game in Development at Ubisoft

The popular Invincible comic book-turned-cartoon now has its own video game, though it may not be what fans would have requested.

pokemon-sleep-snorlax-not-happy 1
Don’t Believe This Pokemon Sleep Rumor

Now that players know how Pokemon Sleep works, a rumor is circulating that does a disservice to how the game and smartphones operate.

stardew-valley-conent-update-1-6-tease 1
Stardew Valley Creator Teases New Update 1.6 Content

While fans still wait for Stardew Valley Update 1.6, ConcernedApe reveals more information about what content will come to the game.

Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes 1
Roblox: Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (July 2023)

In this article, players will discover a list of all codes for Anime Fighters Simulator.

Roblox Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Codes 1
Roblox: Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Codes (July 2023)

Here are the codes for Roblox: Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Codes that players might be looking for.

Official art for Blade, Honkai Star Rail's newest character 1
Honkai Star Rail's New Character Blade Explained

Honkai Star Rail's Blade is a five-star character with a unique set of skills, a dark backstory, and a terrifyingly cool sword.

Honkai Star Rail Reveals New Version 1.2 Stages 1
Honkai: Star Rail Reveals New Version 1.2 Stages and Rewards

Honkai: Star Rail developer HoYoverse reveals new stages and rewards being introduced in the Version 1.2 update later this week.

one punch man world logo 1
New One Punch Man Multiplayer Game Revealed

Crunchyroll releases an announcement trailer for an upcoming One Punch Man online multiplayer game, offering a chance to pre-register.

pokemon go ditto july 2023 1
Pokemon GO: Ditto Disguises for July 2023

Ditto remains an elusive creature to catch in Pokemon GO due to its ability to disguise, so here are the pocket monsters to look out for in July 2023.

pokemon go shiny munna guide 1
Pokemon GO: Can Munna Be Shiny? And Can It Evolve?

Thanks to a recent event in Pokemon GO, the psychic type Munna is available for players and many are wondering if it can be shiny or not.

Handguards Genshin Impact 1
Genshin Impact Handguard Farming Routes: Nobushi and Kairagi Locations

The wandering bandit samurai of Inazuma will drop Handguards, which are used by characters like Wanderer, Ayaka, and Raiden Shogun.

Genshin Impact Fontaine teaser screenshot 1
Genshin Impact Fans Suspect New Gliding Animations in Fontaine

Genshin Impact players suspect that HoYoverse could introduce a brand-new gliding mechanic in the upcoming Fontaine major region.

Genshin Impact Lynette-1 1
Genshin Impact Concept Turns Popular Characters Into Pokemon

A talented Genshin Impact artist shares their impressive concepts in which they turn some of Teyvat's most popular characters into Pokemon.