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Echo Tomb Raider Underworld Metroid Prime 2 Crash Bandicoot 1
10 Games That Make You Fight Your Evil Clone(s)

Evil clones are a popular trope in sci-fi, especially in video games.

Best Leaders Feature Image 1
8 Best Leaders In Anime

These characters in anime embody the qualities of an ideal leader, making them admirable leaders to other characters.

Split image of Yumichika Ayasegawa from Bleach, Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club, and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z 1
8 Best Oujidere Characters In Anime

Anime boys are great, but these boys want everyone to know that they are prince-like.

Open World Games With Purposefully Empty Maps 1
7 Open-World Games With Purposefully Empty Maps

These open-world games actually make sparse maps a strength instead of a weakness.

Dark Samus, Cosmic Mario, and Evil Ryu 1
10 Evil Versions Of Iconic Video Game Characters

These famous video game characters have alternate versions that are bad to the bone.

Featured One Piece Every Character Trained By Monkey D Garp Kuzan Luffy 1
One Piece: Every Character Trained By Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp is a living One Piece legend, and only a few characters can boast about being his apprentices.

Featured One Piece Marines With Highest Bounties Akainu Garp Kizaru 1
One Piece: 6 Marines With The Highest Bounties, Ranked

One Piece has finally revealed the bounties of the Marines. But who has the highest one?

Bleach Best Openings 1
Bleach: The 16 Best Openings, Ranked

Every Bleach opening is unique in its own special way, but some of them stand out much more than others. These are the best Bleach openings.

Assassin's Creed Origins, Valhalla and Odyssey 1
17 Things Assassin's Creed: Origins Does Better Than Odyssey And Valhalla

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Valhalla are great games but is Origins the best of the group? Here are some things it does better than both.

life is strange protagonists 1
6 Hardest Choices In Life Is Strange Games

Players have to make a lot of tough choices in the Life is Strange franchise. These choices had fans weighing their options carefully.

Doctor Doom, Reed Richards, and Batman 1
The 12 Smartest Comic Book Characters of All Time

The smartest comic book characters are able to outthink the opposition, allowing them to emerge victorious without the need for unnecessary violence.

Epona, a Chocobo, and Torrent 1
7 Best Mounts In Gaming

The following mounts are some of the gaming industry's most famous companions.

The Longest Capcom Games 1
The Longest Capcom Games

Fans of Capcom games can spend plenty of time with these engaging experiences.

The Strongest Devil Fruit Users Associated With The Yonko In One Piece 1
One Piece: The 10 Strongest Devil Fruit Users Affiliated With The Yonko

These powerful devil fruit users are well-associated with the formidable Yonko in One Piece.

Pokemon Go Eevee 1
Pokemon GO: Best Eeveelutions For PvP

Although there are eight possible evolutions of Eevee in Pokemon Go, not all of them are equally strong making some of them more suitable for PVP.

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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – 7 Powerful Weapons That Are Easy To Craft

Before rushing to acquire Legendary Weapons, players should take their time using the Fuse ability to craft some deadly tools of their own in TOTK.

Shenmue Animal Crossing Shadow of Doubt Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor 1
10 Game Worlds With The Most Fully Realized NPCs

NPCs can make or break a game's world. The following ten games are filled with interesting NPCs that add significant personality to their worlds.

Anohana, Your lie in april, and Toradora 1
6 Anime Shows Where The MC Lost The Girl

In an unexpected turn of events, the guy might not wind up with the girl he desires. That's precisely what these shows illustrate.

The Longest Konami Games 1
The Longest Konami Games

Players can settle in for quite a while with these gargantuan Konami games.

The new Uncrowned Duologue rocket launcher in Destiny 2 1
Destiny 2 Solstice 2023: How To Get The Crowning Duologue Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2's first Strand rocket launcher makes its glorious entrance together with the annual Solstice celebration.