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Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is an action RPG developed by Square Enix. Set in the land of Valisthea, six different factions are on the brink of war due to a spreading disease known as the Blight. Much of the plot revolves around summoned monsters called Eikons, who are controlled by unique humans called Dominants.

final fantasy 16
Final Fantasy
June 22, 2023
Square Enix
Square Enix
Action RPG
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Final Fantasy 16 Clive Game Of Thrones 1
Final Fantasy 16's Closest Game of Thrones Connection May Be Its Take on Greyscale

Final Fantasy 16 shares many connections with Game of Thrones, but the title's take on Greyscale may be its most direct.

kingdom hearts 4 final fantasy 16 limit form 1
Kingdom Hearts 4 Could Learn from Final Fantasy 16’s Limit Break

Kingdom Hearts 4 could take a note from Final Fantasy 16 when it comes to activating the heavy damaging second forms throughout combat encounters.

final fantasy 16 mural leviathan 1
Final Fantasy 16 Players Potentially Figure Out Leviathan's Current Dominant

A new Final Fantasy 16 fan theory compiles some rather convincing evidence for the identity of Leviathan the Lost's current Dominant.

final fantasy 16 eikon abilities 1
Final Fantasy 16: Underrated Eikon Abilities

Players shouldn't scoff at these Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16, as they're far better than many would expect.

Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Typhon Mythos 1
Final Fantasy 16's Approach to Typhon is Weird

Final Fantasy 16 sees players discover detailed lore for its many characters and Eikons, and Typhon provides one of its strangest cases.

FF16-All-Side-Quests-Featured 1
Final Fantasy 16: All Side Quests

Help Clive locate every opportunity for adventure with this complete list of Final Fantasy 16's side quests.

FF16 English VAs- Cid Clive Benedikta 1
Final Fantasy 16: English Voice Actors You Might Recognize

Now that Final Fantasy 16 is available to players, some fans are noticing familiar voices, like these great voice actors.

final-fantasy-16-crystal-castle 1
Final Fantasy 16 is The Perfect Game For Players Burnt Out on a Popular Genre

Final Fantasy 16 is a game designed to attract a wider audience of players, and one aspect will make it appealing to those tired of a common genre.

Odin and Titan in Final Fantasy 16 1
Final Fantasy 16: 8 Overpowered Eikon Combinations

Here are some of the most overpowered Eikon combinations in Final Fantasy 16.

final fantasy 16 odin bahamut dion dominant boss battles 1
How Final Fantasy 16's Bahamut and Odin Fights Complement Each Other

Clive's battles against the Eikons Bahamut and Odin are complementary opposites that embody his internal struggles within their gameplay.

Final Fantasy 16 Character Action Gameplay Explained 1
Final Fantasy 16's 'Character Action' Gameplay Explained

"Character action" has been thrown around to describe Final Fantasy 16's gameplay, and that term has deeper roots than many realize.

Featured Final Fantasy 16 Orchestrion Roll Locations ff16 ffxvi 1
Final Fantasy 16: How to Unlock All Orchestrion Rolls

There are over 20 Orchestrion Rolls in Final Fantasy 16. Here is how players can find them.

final-fantasy-16-clive-rosfield-painting-july-2023 1
Final Fantasy 16 Fan Creates Awesome Painting of Clive

Though Final Fantasy 16 has only been out for three weeks, one player shows off their amazing artistic skill and creates a painting of Clive.

ff16 wages warcraft 1
One Final Fantasy 16 Item Makes AP Farming Much Easier

Final Fantasy 16 players will need to do some AP farming at some point, but one item can make a world of difference in its effectiveness.

final fantasy 16 dion interview 1
Dion Actor Talks About His Final Fantasy 16 Character, Gay Representation, and More

Stewart Clarke explores his character’s relationships, ideals, and representing both queer players and the legendary dragoon in Final Fantasy 16.

final-fantasy-16_eikon-abilities 1
Final Fantasy 16's Eikonic Abilities Have One Flaw That's Hard to Ignore

Final Fantasy 16's combat is a series highlight despite its disruption of franchise tradition, but Clive's Eikonic Abilities leave some wanting more.

X Reasons Why Final Fantasy 12 Needs A Remake After 16 1
10 Reasons Why Final Fantasy 12 Needs A Remake After 16

A Final Fantasy 16-style remake for Final Fantasy 12 would strike a balance between classic and new franchise titles.

Final Fantasy 16: Every Chronolith Trial (& Where to Find Them) 1
Final Fantasy 16: All FF16 Chronolith Trials (& Where to Find Them)

Finding all seven Final Fantasy 16 Chronoliths is pretty simple when one knows where to look, just as completing them is with the right strategy.

Young Clive swinging his sword in Final Fantasy 16 1
Final Fantasy 16: The 7 Best Weapons for Clive (& How to Get Them)

None of Clive's swords offer any unique effects, making it much easier for players to determine which are the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16.

Two of the Notorious Marks from Final Fantasy 16 1
Final Fantasy 16: Where to Find Every Notorious Mark (All FF16 Hunt Locations)

There are 32 Notorious Mark hunts in Final Fantasy 16. Defeating these powerful foes can be tricky, but finding them is arguably the bigger challenge.