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Shane Robert Moyer

cocoon opening screen 1
Cocoon Preview

Cocoon looks to make its mark with enigmatic puzzles set in various alien worlds created by the lead gameplay designer of Limbo and Shine.

dave the diver key art two ocean breeze the blue hole 1
Dave the Diver Review

On the surface, Dave the Diver might look like a shallow adventure, but its characters and eccentricities make it a much deeper and enjoyable game.

diablo-4-contest 1
Diablo 4 Interview: Devs Talk Endgame Systems, Dungeon Design, and More

Game Rant sits down with Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora and Dungeons Producer Ash Sweetring Vickey for a chat on the eve of Diablo 4's launch.

diablo4-ashava-blogroll-1679520346687 1
Diablo 4 Dev Defines the World Bosses' Role In the Endgame Grind

Diablo 4 dev Joe Piepiora talks about world bosses, the endgame loop, and why Ashava was so difficult in the Server Slam in a Game Rant interview.

diablo 3 and diablo 4 side by side 1
Diablo 4 Devs Reveal Why They Didn't Include Diablo 3's Rifts

In a recent Game Rant interview, Diablo 4 devs discuss moving away from the endless grind of Diablo 3's Rifts and Greater Rift systems.

diablo 4 darkened opening review build 1
Diablo 4 Review

Diablo 4 has used the lessons of its past to create a massive and enjoyable experience that fans and newcomers alike with be playing for a long time.

trinity fusion three heroines opening 1
Trinity Fusion Preview

Fresh in early access, Trinity Fusion hopes to balance character fusion and impeccably designed enemies to establish itself as a go-to roguelike.

tron identity key art query defrag provided image 1
Tron: Identity Review

Though short and somewhat confined, Tron: Identity does a favorable job of exploring a new part of the Tron universe as an interactive visual novel.

storyteller switch splash screen 1
Storyteller Review

Storyteller is a casual puzzle game that tasks players with creating various stories but feels way too brief and straightforward for its price.

keyart have a nice death main 1
Have a Nice Death Review

Have a Nice Death creates a gorgeous, outlandish world filled with spells and weapons in an amusing, memorable, and downright fun roguelike.

wanted dead artwork studio provided background 1
Wanted: Dead Review

Wanted: Dead has flashes of enjoyability but is ultimately a mediocre experience with repetitive combat and other issues that keep it from greatness.

curse of the sea rats bussa douglas boss fight cliffface 1
Curse of the Sea Rats Release Date Confirmed in New Boss Trailer

Action-platformer Curse of the Sea Rats is giving fans an exciting peek at its boss fights as well as announcing the release date in a new video.

switchback vr delayed shooter zombie 1
Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Game Release Date Delayed

Developer Supermassive Games announced the delay of Switchback VR, pushing its launch past the release date of the new Playstation VR 2 headset.

tin hearts three tin soldiers title screen 1
Tin Hearts Confirms Release Date With New Trailer

The toy-filled indie puzzle-adventure game Tin Hearts receives an official release date in a charming new trailer.

Tchia keyart official art 1
Tchia Preview: Exploring A Gorgeous Island Adventure

Tchia hopes to combine island exploration with new locomotion mechanics to create something uniquely fun.

459886922_1800x900 1
Microsoft is Cutting 10,000 Jobs

CEO Satya Nadella announces the mass layoffs that will begin today in a corporate blog post addressed to all Microsoft employees.

season three update composite 3.1.2 bf 2042 1
Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 Adding New Weapons and Making Balance Changes

Battlefield 2042's first update of the year is adding more guns into Battlefield Portal alongside an assortment of bug fixes and balance adjustments.

season3 madden nfl23 title update 6 1
Madden NFL 23 Launches Season 3 With New Update

Football powerhouse Madden NFL 23 launches Season 3, addressing an assortment of changes and providing a small update on the Franchise save issue.

saudi arabia purchase more nintendo stock 1
Saudi Arabia Purchases More Nintendo Shares

Saudi Arabia is set to become the fifth-largest holder of Nintendo shares after increasing its investment in the company to over 6%.

nba 2k23 patch 4.0 1
NBA 2K23 Release Update 4.0

NBA 2K23's new 4.0 patch fixes multiple issues and announces an additional game mode for some consoles in the Season 4 launch coming soon.

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