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Three Star Trek admirals (Dougherty, Kirk, and Cartwright). 1
Star Trek: 10 Starfleet Admirals Who Went Rogue

The higher-ups of Starfleet command often pose a challenge to Star Trek's main characters. Not all the series' admirals play by the rules.

A Star Trek collage showing Georgiou, Locutus of Borg, and Seven of Nine. 1
10 Darkest Star Trek Storylines, Ranked

Star Trek isn't always a lighthearted romp across the cosmos. For almost 50 years, the franchise has explored stories with dark implications.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Lower Decks Crossover 1
A Big Star Trek Challenge Came From Its Animated Show

Star Trek properties are plentiful on Paramount Plus, but the franchise's most challenging was an animated series that flew under the radar.

star trek tng time's arrow 1
Star Trek: Who Are The Devidians?

Haunting specters from Star Trek, the Devidians' eerie existence and insatiable hunger for neural energy defy conventional bounds.

William Shatner as James Kirk. Avery Brooks as Benjamin Sisko. Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer. 1
Star Trek: Worst Actions By Each Captain

Starfleet captains often find themselves in impossible situations, and when they do, they are known to make some questionable choices.

star trek organians 1
Star Trek: The Organians, Explained

Discover the Organians of Star Trek: ethereal beings of peace and transcendent power, reshaping history with a single gesture.

Star Trek: Great Character in Games 1
Star Trek: 5 Great Characters Who Are Only In Games

These clever characters occupy an interactive corner of the Final Frontier.

An collage showing Spock, a Cardassian, and a female Andorian. 1
Star Trek: 10 Best Alpha Quadrant Civilizations

As the Federation's home base, the Alpha quadrant is home to several memorable Star Trek civilizations and alien peoples.

Star-Trek-Starfleet-Ship 1
Star Trek: What Is The Most Heavily Armed Starfleet Ship?

The Star Trek franchise has developed powerful spaceships equipped for battle and space travel, but which Starfleet ship is the most heavily armed?

star trek insurrection - anij and picard 1
Star Trek: Who Are The Ba'ku?

Discover how the Ba'ku, guardians of harmony, embrace simplicity and inspire balance in Star Trek.

title image star trek best romances deanna and riker, Atira of Yonada, Hugh Culber and Paul Stamets 1
7 Best Romances In Star Trek, Ranked

The Star Trek franchise has seen plenty of romances. These examples are some of the best.

A collage showing Picard, Riker, and Jurati in Star Trek: Picard. 1
Star Trek: 10 Ways The Post-TNG Novels Diverged From Star Trek: Picard

After the end of The Next Generation, the cast's adventures continued in books. But Star Trek: Picard doesn't always line up with the novels.

seska as a bajoran and as a cardassian 1
Star Trek: Voyager - Who Is Seska?

A Maquis-turned-Starfleet who turned out to be an undercover enemy agent, Seska was never who she seemed to be on Star Trek: Voyager.

star trek founding member flags 1
Star Trek: How Big Is The Federation?

The Federation's size in Star Trek is as diverse as the cosmos itself, defying a one-size-fits-all answer to its vastness.

star trek picard jack crusher 1
Star Trek: Picard - Who Is Jack Crusher?

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 delves into the captivating character of Jack Crusher, a cosmic force and pivotal link in Trek canon.

star trek discovery uss discovery spore drive 1
Star Trek: Discovery's Spore Drive, Explained

The spore drive was one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology introduced in Star Trek, but it was also a magnet for major galactic drama.

star trek discovery ash tyler voq 1
Star Trek: Discovery - Who Is Ash Tyler/Voq?

Ash Tyler started off like any Starfleet officer, then Star Trek revealed there was something much more sinister brewing beneath his normal facade.

A collage of Star Trek aliens from the Gamma Quadrant. 1
Star Trek: 10 Best Gamma Quadrant Civilizations

From the Argrathi to the Paradans, the Star Trek franchise features some excellent Gamma Quadrant civilizations.

star trek tos lazarus 1
Star Trek: Who Was Lazarus?

Star Trek introduced Lazarus in The Alternative Factor as a man who literally turned his internal conflict into the Enterprise crew's problem.

Star Trek: Strange New World Timeline Change 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Major Timeline Change Explained By Showrunner

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds deviates from established lore in the newest episode, but the showrunner explains it's for the right reason.