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Filip is a long-time gamer and writer with ample experience in both of these industries. Having started his gaming adventure with the venerable PSX, Filip soon discovered dedicated gaming magazines, which set the stage for everything that came afterward. He majored in linguistics and philosophy, which lend themselves well to creative and technical writing, allowing Filip to stack bylines with a huge number of publications.

Destiny-2-Solstice-2023-Hive-Onslaught-Warlock 1
Destiny 2 Players Unhappy With Solstice Event

2023's Destiny 2 Solstice event doesn't seem to be doing Bungie any favors with the community, with some players labelling it as 'another L.'

Metroid-Prime-Remastered-Gameplay-Screenshot-Official 1
Metroid Prime 2 Remastered Coming ‘Relatively Soonish,’ Says Insider

Sources claim that there's a Metroid Prime 2 Remastered currently in development for the Switch and that it's supposed to be coming soon.

Destiny-2-Methane-Burst-Leak-Showcase 1
Destiny 2 Leak Reveals Surprising New Guardian Abilities

Leakers have gained access to what looks like Destiny 2 development gameplay, showing off what looks like a surprising new Guardian ability.

Call-Of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-2-Multiplayer-Operators 1
Rumor: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Leak Suggests New Game Will Address Big Fan Complaint

Leaks suggest that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 may correct its course on a particularly contentious topic that Infinity Ward hadn't tackled.

Call-Of-Duty-Mobile-Header 1
Microsoft's Activision Blizzard Acquisition Could Be Closed This Week

Microsoft's attempted acquisition of Activision Blizzard enters a new stage, and it appears to be closer to fruition than ever before.

Call-Of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-2-Gameplay-Raid 1
Microsoft Says Activision Shouldn't Have Pulled Call of Duty From Steam

Microsoft says that Activision made a mistake when it took Call of Duty off Steam, backing its claims with platform growth data and more.

Ratchet-And-Clank-Rift-Apart-PC-Gameplay-Steam 1
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PC Gets Around PS5’s SSD Requirement with Advanced Tech

The PC port of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart supports cutting-edge gaming tech, which may be leveraged to get around the SSD requirement on PS5.

Limited-Run-Games-Carbon-Engine-Official-Graphic 1
Classic Platformer Series Is Getting a Modern Comeback

Square Enix and Limited Run Games announce the revival of a classic mascot platformer of yesteryear, set to launch on all modern gaming platforms.

valve logo over Team Fortress 2 Pyro Kills Scout 1
Classic Valve Multiplayer FPS Gets Massive Update Out of the Blue

Valve updates one of its most beloved classic multiplayer FPS titles, introducing a huge array of all-new community content, like maps and taunts.

Half-Life-2-LEGO-Character-Conversion-Mod 1
Half-Life 2 Mod Turns the Classic into a LEGO Game

An unofficial Half-Life 2 LEGO conversion is now available, giving the classic PC shooter a visual overhaul like it's never had before.

The-Sims-4-Group-Of-Sims-Cheering-Pic 1
Why The Sims 5 May Release on Mobile Devices Before It Hits Consoles

There are reasons to believe that The Sims 5 could launch on mobile phones before its console release, according to some new information from the dev.

God-Of-War-Troll-Battle-Cutscene-Pic 1
Skilled PlayStation Players May Soon Be Able to Earn Money by Helping Others

A new PlayStation patent suggests that particularly skilled players may soon be able to monetize their skills with a live guide feature.

call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-multiplayer-skins-beta-screenshot 1
Problematic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Skin is Giving Roze Flashbacks

One of the newer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Operator skins behaves like the previous game's infamously hard-to-see Roze skin, but worse.

Destiny-2-Forsaken-Era-Gambit-Drifter 1
Destiny 2’s Most Divisive Mode Has Been Recreated in Fortnite

Fortnite players recreate Destiny 2's infamous PvPvE game mode down to its minute details, and the Destiny community has some entertaining takes.

Diablo-4-Barbarian-Skill-Trigger-Demons 1
Diablo 4 Uber Uniques Disabled After Player Farming Goes Crazy

Blizzard rapidly corrects course on Diablo 4's sudden influx of Uber Unique items, following a sudden increase in player farming.

Destiny-2-Vex-Overworld-Traveling 1
Destiny 2's Guardian Ranks May Be Getting Harder to Achieve

Destiny 2 players identify a new problem with Guardian Ranks, suggesting that the system may well be impossible to benefit from in the future.

Beyond-Good-And-Evil-2-Official-Artwork-Characters 1
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Creative Director Has Passed Away

The Creative Director of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and numerous Ubisoft classics passes away at the age of 40, with his co-workers sharing fond memories.

Fallout-4-New-Vegas-Remake-Recharger-Weapons-Mod 1
Fallout New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas Remake Devs Release Standalone Content for Fallout 4

The people behind the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas remake release a standalone content package containing a number of energy weapons for Fallout 4.

Sony-PlayStation-5-Official-Graphics-Cropped 1
Microsoft Legal Document Alleges PS5 Slim Is Launching Soon

A new development in Microsoft's legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission reveals that an all-new version of the PlayStation 5 may be imminent.

Dying-Light-2-Volatile-Takedown-Artwork 1
Dying Light 2 and The Walking Dead Crossover Revealed

Dying Light 2 announces its collaboration with The Walking Dead, but the upcoming crossover event may have a trick up its proverbial sleeve.

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