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Mark Sammut grew up on the PlayStation 1 and has been playing games ever since, although he is no longer limited to just Sony consoles. Be it RPGs, shooters, platformers, or fighting games, Mark's area of expertise covers a wide range of genres and topics. That goes beyond video games as well, extending to mediums like anime and film.

ps plus logo 1
Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation Plus

Sony's revamped PS Plus is an enticing service that offers a lot of value. Here is everything someone needs to know about the subscription.

best summer 2023 anime 1
Best Anime Of Summer 2023, Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen, Mushoku Tensei, and Horimiya are just some of the Summer 2023's standout anime.

summer 2023 anime complete guide 1
Summer 2023 Anime Season – Complete Guide

Jujutsu Kaisen, Mushoku Tensei, and Bleach are just some of the anime airing during Summer 2023, and here is what fans need to know about the series.

every ps plus free game 1
PS Plus: A Comprehensive List Of Every Monthly Game It's Added

Since relaunching the subscription service in June 2022, Sony has added a host of games per month to PS Plus.

best local co-op pc games on steam 1
The Best Local Co-Op & Split-Screen Games You Can Play On Steam

Steam has plenty of online multiplayer PC games, but the platform is not lacking in great local co-op titles either.

best racing games ps plus premium extra 1
The Best Racing Games On PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium (July 2023)

Whether searching for an arcade title or a realistic sim, PlayStation Plus has racing fans covered.

The-Best-PS5-Games-For-Young-Kids-(Across-Multiple-Genres)-featured-image-1 1
The Best PS5 Games For Young Kids (Across Multiple Genres)

These PlayStation 5 games are perfect for the whole family, especially children.

best ps5 games on playstation plus premium extra featured image 1
Best PS5 Games On PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium (July 2023)

Sony's PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers have hundreds of titles, including some of the best PlayStation 5 games.

The Best Early Prime Day 2023 Video Game Deals: PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox thumb 1
The Best Prime Day 2023 Video Game Deals: PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox

Here are the best early Prime Day video game deals for 2023.

summer 2023 anime lineup 1
Summer 2023 Anime Lineup: Where To Watch Every Series

During Summer 2023, dozens of anime will be airing on Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and other streaming platforms.

ps2 ps1 psp games on ps plus premium feature 1
Best PS1, PS2, & PSP Games On PlayStation Plus Premium (July 2023)

Although PS Plus Premium does not have the most expansive lineup of PS2 games, Sony's service has some great titles.

ps3 games best ps plus premium 1
The Best PS3 Games On PlayStation Plus Premium (July 2023)

PS Plus Premium has an impressive selection of PlayStation 3 games. Here are the best PS3 titles on Sony's service.

best games for the steam deck elden ring left 4 dead 2 1
Best Games for the Steam Deck (July 2023)

The Steam Deck offers PC gaming on the go. Which are the best Deck Verified games?

best anime series on crunchyroll featured image 1
Best Anime On Crunchyroll (July 2023)

From currently airing shows to shonen classics, here are the best anime series on Crunchyroll.

online co-op xbox game pass games featured image 1
The Best Online Co-Op Games You Can Play On Xbox Game Pass (July 2023)

Looking to team up with a few friends? Then check out the best online co-op games on Game Pass.

xbox game pass best short games feature 1
Xbox Game Pass: Games That Can Be Beaten In Under 5 Hours

These Xbox Game Pass games are short and sweet.

Best-Xbox-Games-To-Play-If-You-Love-Animal-Crossing-New-Horizons 1
Best Xbox Games To Play If You Love Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world by storm, but not everyone has a Nintendo Switch. Here are 10 similar Xbox games worth checking out.

upcoming new rpgs 2023 beyond featured image - witcher, starfield 1
Upcoming Role-Playing Games People Are Excited For

Some major RPGs are announced for 2023 and beyond, but which upcoming releases have the most hype?

best simulation games ps plus 1
Best Simulation Games On PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium (July 2023)

Sims come in many forms, and PS Plus highlights most of them.

best ps4 games ps plus extra dragon ball fighterz and god of war 1
Best PS4 Games On PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium (July 2023)

PS Plus Extra and Premium have hundreds of PlayStation 4 games, but which ones are the best?

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