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While the main focus of the DreamSnap update in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the aforementioned feature, players also get to add a brand-new character to their village. When the 2023 road map was released it confirmed two new characters being added after the Remembering update.

Later this year, players will finally get to bring Belle to Dreamlight Valley. The second character is Vanellope, who is now available. Just like with every other character, Vanellope has her own set of friendship quests that Disney Dreamlight Valley players can take on as they level up their friendship with her. The first quest is "Extreme Biome Makeover".

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Plant the Candy Seeds


Once Vanellope has reached Level 2, she will offer this quest. She asks players to plant 10 Candy Seeds anywhere within the Valley. These Candy Seeds can be planted anywhere in the Valley. Alternatively, players can also just plant them all in one area if they don't feel like trying to remember where all the crops are.


Once they have all been planted, pull out the Royal Watering Can and water them. It only takes a minute to grow the Candy Cane Sprouts. If players have applied a Miracle Growth Elixir or the Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir to their Royal Watering Can, the Candy Cane Sprouts will be ready for harvest instantly.

Take the Candy Cane Sprouts to Vanellope


Find Vanellope and give her the Candy Cane Sprouts. She turns them into Candy Cane Trees and asks players to decorate around her house with the newly created trees.She also gives players a Giant Lollipop and some Sugar Cookie Pavement to use as well.

Place the Decorations


This next step requires a lot of space, so players may need to rearrange Dreamlight Valley a bit to make this work. All of these decorations need to be near Vanellope's house. To progress the quest, place 50 Deluxe Sugar Cookie Pavements, five Candy Cane Trees, and five Giant Lollipops. Once this is done, find Vanellope and speak to her.

Make a Kart


Since there is now a racetrack, Vanellope naturally wants a kart for it. She gives Disney Dreamlight Valley players some of the ingredients needed, but the rest will have to be gathered. In order to cook the kart (yes, cook it), players will need to gather the following ingredients.

  • Six Wheat
  • Five Sugarcane
  • One Egg
  • Two Butter
  • One Milk

Wheat and Sugarcane can be bought from Goofy at his stalls in the Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach respectively. Eggs, Butter, and Milk can all be purchased from Remy's Restaurant.

After all the necessary ingredients have been gathered, go to the nearest cooking station and use it to make the parts. There are three separate recipes that players will need to cook to make the kart. The first is the Sugar Kart Seat, the second is the Sugar Kart Tail, and the third is the Sugar Kart Wheel (which players will need to make four of).

Give the Parts to Vanellope


Find Vanellope and give her the freshly cooked parts. Of course, the kart needs some more parts before it can be built. Go to WALL-E's house and look for three electronic junk and two power sources.


There is a battery in the upper right and lower left corners of the room. Gather the three pieces of electronic junk up next and then ask villagers if they have any glue. Talk to Remy to receive an inedible frosting that can be used as glue. To complete this friendship quest, return to Vanellope and give her the glue to complete this friendship quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.