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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game made by Respawn. In this shooter, players take up the mantle of a Legend — one of the playable characters — and form a squad with other players. The game is set in the same universe as the Titanfall series and the two franchises have had many crossovers.

February 4, 2019
Electronic Arts
Battle Royale, First-Person Shooter
Online Multiplayer
Source on console/PC, Unreal Engine 4 on mobile
T for Teen: Blood, Violence
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Following player complaints about the Ranked system, the Apex Legends dev team unveils plans for big changes to be rolled out in Season 18.

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Apex Legends Talk Authentic Representation In Developing LGBTQIA+ Characters

A Game Rant interview with the narrative lead of Apex Legends dives into how the team is working to create authentic LGBTQIA+ characters.

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Apex Legends Players Think Ranked Has a Major Problem

With Apex Legends currently in Season 17, some players think Respawn Entertainment needs to overhaul the Ranked system for the battle royale.

How Apex Legends Imagines A Queer-Positive Future

In a recent Game Rant interview, Apex Legends' narrative lead discusses how the team imagines the future of the real world through the BR game.

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A much-requested feature could be coming to Apex Legends soon, offering something that fans have wanted to be added to the game for a long time.

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Next Big Apex Legends Update Will Nerf Seer

The next big Apex Legends update adds a limited-time event, with cosmetics, a returning game mode, and several nerfs to the character Seer.

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Titanfall 3 Was in Development for Almost a Year Before It Was Canceled

A former Respawn employee confirms that Titanfall 3 was in development for nearly a year, but made the decision to cancel it.

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