A hardworking Stardew Valley fan shares how they have fixed up the layout of their farm, creating an impressive design even if it is their first time using the farming RPG's forest farm map option. Given that fans have a lot of farm space in Stardew Valley to play around with, many are likely always looking for aesthetic ways to design the available territory they have in the video game.

With current news about a pending Stardew Valley 1.6 update circling within the game's community, it is not surprising for fans to once again be sharing the unique and fun farm layouts they have been working on. Seeing players post about how they have built up their farms from scratch is something familiar to the player base. Now that ConcernedApe has hinted at new items and secrets in the 1.6 update, the fan base will probably see another influx of shares and posts talking about how they have beautified their farm's layout.

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On Reddit, user MahaSDV shared a bird's-eye view of the Stardew Valley farm they have built using the forest map option. According to the post, it seems this is the first time that the player used the forest layout to design their farm, and they have done so with no mods. Sharing a time-lapse video on YouTube, the player worked on the farm during winter to start out with a completely empty canvas. Fellow fans will likely appreciate how they carefully planned the placement of the trees to portion off the land, creating specific spaces to show off their 'Cabin in the Woods' theme.

MahaSDV also showed off the specific spaces they created in their forest-themed Stardew Valley farm in the video. With the center pond as a main focal point, fans will likely recognize the Gold Clock building they used to add a bit of mystery in the area. They also placed different buildings, statues, and decor in the pockets they created to keep in line with the forest vibes. According to the Redditor, they wanted to make their farm more "aesthetically-pleasing" rather than optimized, which shows in how they barely have any space left to farm or ranch and have blocked the north exit of the land.

This is likely not the last time that a Stardew Valley player will be sharing their version of the forest farm. Fans have been making their own farm designs and layouts ever since the option was introduced in the farming RPG. However, fellow players will probably never get sick of this trend, and will likely welcome more Stardew Valley design ideas from their community.

Stardew Valley is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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