Diablo 4 is being review bombed again, this time by fans of the game who are upset about the changes made in the recent update. Diablo 4 earned acclaim from critics when it first launched, but hardcore fans have had a dicier relationship with the action-RPG. This led to the game being review bombed on review aggregate site Metacritic shortly after launch, with disgruntled fans dragging its user score down considerably.

The first Diablo 4 review bombing effort saw the game's user score drop all the way to an abysmal 4.8 rating, a far cry from the 87 overall score that it secured from critics at the time. This initial review bombing was the result of fans upset about Diablo 4's server issues in its early days, its microtransactions, and live service nature. Fans seemed to warm up to the game after that rocky start, but now it seems that public opinion has taken another turn for the worse.

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Diablo 4's Metacritic page has now been flooded with over 100 more negative user reviews from fans who are not happy about the changes made in the latest update. For the uninitiated, Blizzard recently released a new update for Diablo 4 that effectively nerfed all the classes across the board and made a variety of other changes that have not sat well with fans. The backlash to the Diablo 4 update has been so severe that Blizzard has announced plans to host a special Campfire Chat to address concerns this coming Friday, July 21.

diablo 4 metacritic user score

The ongoing review bombing effort has seen Diablo 4's user score drop to 4.0. The PC version of the game has over 2,000 negative user reviews at the time of this writing, versus just 980 positive reviews and 265 mixed reviews. These numbers change with almost every refresh of the page, so it's unlikely that the current Diablo 4 review bombing effort is over yet. In fact, with Diablo 4 Season 1 not starting until July 20, it seems likely that the review bombing effort will continue for at least a couple more days.

It remains to be seen how exactly Blizzard will react to the severe backlash that this latest Diablo 4 update has experienced. Some fans have called on the company to completely reverse all the changes made in the patch, but they shouldn't hold their breath for that to happen. Diablo 4 fans will want to tune in to the Campfire Chat on Friday, July 21 to learn more about Blizzard's plans for the game moving forward.

Diablo 4 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Metacritic