The new Diablo 4 patch notes have been released, and players are not happy – as the latest update has nerfed not just the most popular Barbarian build but a plethora of other ones as well. The sentiment around Diablo 4 has largely been hopeful, with the community recognizing its shortcomings, providing the developers with valuable feedback, and being patient that Season of the Malignant would at least provide balance fixes that some classes sorely needed.

However, the patch notes for Update 1.1 caused public opinion to turn for the worse. Sorcerers in Diablo 4 only have three barely viable builds at endgame, yet they were still struck with nerfs in the new update, and compared to their peers, given an underwhelming Unique Wand bundled with yet another drawback. Overall survivability for most classes has been gutted, as the Disobedience Legendary Aspect was one of the major victims of the patch.

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With significant nerfs to Hammer of the Ancients, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Strike, and Vulnerable Damage, plenty of Barbarian endgame builds have been obliterated as far as the Eternal Realm is concerned. Though it remains to be seen if Malignant Hearts will mend the new weaknesses of the Barbarian class, this is no doubt a huge blow to Diablo 4 players who were hoping to main the most iconic class of the franchise.

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All five classes appear to be victims of the new patch notes, as the problems that players have with Diablo 4's itemization are only going to be further amplified due to the drastic reductions in the benefits they provide. In addition to effectively halving the value of the three most important stats in Diablo 4, the new update introduces Barrier Generation, Lucky Hit Chance While You Have Barrier, and Mastery Skill Damage for all classes. As a result, many Diablo 4 players have pointed out that it will only get harder to obtain viable gear.

The open world is also receiving nerfs across the board, as power leveling in Diablo 4 has been removed from the game. In Season of the Malignant, if a friend takes a fresh Level 1 player to World Tier 4, and sits them at the entrance of a Level 100 dungeon, they will only receive Level 11 monster experience as opposed to Level 100 monster experience. Furthermore, in higher World Tiers, monsters will start to trail players in terms of level, making the leveling process significantly slower.

Following the recent buffs that were widely praised by the community, Helltide rewards in Diablo 4 were nerfed in the new update, as the cost of the Tortured Gift of Mysteries has been increased from 175 to 250. The current atmosphere among fans seems to be that of confusion and shock. It remains to be seen how the game will play with the new mechanics coming in Season of the Malignant, but the patch notes have certainly left players in a forlorn state.

Diablo 4 Update 1.1 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where Iron Maelstrom could be cast more than 3 times rapidly casting War Cry.
  • Fixed an issue where stacking the Berserk Ripping, Skullbreaker, and Anemia aspects would allow the player to deal extreme amounts of damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the outer edge of the quakes granted to Hammer of the Ancients via The Aspect of Ancestral Echoes was dealing far more damage than intended.


  • Aspect of Disobedience maximum stacks reduced from 100 to 60, reducing maximum Bonus Armor % from 25%-50% to 15%-30%.
  • Aspect of Retribution bonus damage to Stunned reduced from 20-40% to 10-20%.
  • Exploiter's Aspect bonus damage to Unstoppable reduced from 20-50% to 20-40%.
  • Starlight Aspect Resource restore increased from 10-20 to 20-40.


  • Increased monster HP scaling from 85% to 100% bonus per extra player in a party.


  • Adjusted the scaling of the Greed Shrine to improve its effectiveness throughout the game.
  • World bosses now drop potions more often.
  • There is no longer a limit to how many materials you can refine into higher materials at once.

Item Affixes

  • Control Impaired Duration Reduction: Can now appear on Pants.
  • Barrier Generation: Can now appear for all Classes. It will also begin dropping later in the game.
  • Lucky Hit Chance while You Have a Barrier: Can now appear for all Classes. Reduced by ~12% when on Helm and ~20% when on Amulet or Offhand.
  • Mastery Skill Damage: Newly added; can appear on Sorcerer Weapons. Scales identically to Core Skill Damage.
  • Resistance to All Elements: Can now appear on Shields.
  • Strength: 50% Stronger when on Weapons → 25% Stronger when on Weapons.
  • Dexterity: 50% Stronger when on Weapons → 25% Stronger when on Weapons.
  • Intelligence: 50% Stronger when on Weapons → 25% Stronger when on Weapons.
  • Willpower: 50% Stronger when on Weapons → 25% Stronger when on Weapons.
  • Cooldown Reduction: Reduced by ~30%.
  • Imbuement Skill Cooldown Reduction: Reduced by ~30%.
  • Trap Skill Cooldown Reduction: Reduced by ~30%.
  • Critical Strike Damage: Reduced by ~17%.
  • Lightning Critical Strike Damage: Reduced by ~17%.
  • Critical Strike Damage with Bone, Earth, Imbued, and Werewolf Skills: Reduced by ~17%.
  • Vulnerable Damage: Reduced by ~40%.
  • Cooldown Reduction (Inherent on Offhands): Reduced by ~35%.
  • Critical Strike Damage (Inherent on Swords): Reduced by ~50%.
  • Vulnerable Damage (Inherent on Crossbows): Reduced by ~65%.


  • Helltide monsters are now 3 Levels higher than the player instead of 2.
  • The Tortured Gift of Mysteries chest has had its cost increased to 250 Aberrant Cinders from 175.
  • All interactable objects in Helltide zones now have a small chance of dropping Aberrant Cinders.

Diablo 4 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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