A Dungeons and Dragons fan made a clever tool to help players keep track of spell slots. This useful resource is an idea any player could use to make playing a spellcaster in Dungeons and Dragons easier.

Hilary Snyder, known as Awakened Cabbage and Conscious-Lettuce42 on Reddit, is a Dungeons and Dragons fan, career dungeon master, and sculptor. She has created dozens of tools for D&D players, ranging from custom character sheets to T-shirts.

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One of Snyder’s more recent creations is a clever tool that helps players keep track of their spell slots. She designed the small, tarot-card-sized tool with the maximum number of slots a level 20 character would have, but it could easily be used for characters at any level. Each level of spell has dots indicating how many spells they have. Using a paper clip or magnet, a Dungeons and Dragons Cleric, Wizard, or other spellcaster can easily keep track of how many spells they’ve used without constantly writing and erasing, though players could easily use a dry-erase marker on the sleeve as well.

Spellcasters in Dungeons and Dragons are some of the most powerful classes in the game, but keeping track of spell slots can be a pain. After months of marking and erasing, physical character sheets can easily become worn or torn. While digital tools like D&D Beyond have tools to help players keep track of spell slots, Snyder’s cards are a great alternative for players who want to keep Dungeons and Dragons analog.

Unsurprisingly, Snyder’s fellow Dungeons and Dragons players were charmed by her clever creation. Some Dungeons and Dragons players shared other creative ideas for keeping track of their caster’s magic, though others admitted they would be more likely to fiddle with the tracker and mess up their count if they used it.

The digital, printable file for this Dungeons and Dragons tool is available on Snyder’s Etsy store, LeosLittleDragons, for only a few dollars–and if the hundreds of positive reviews her store has are any indication, her creations are of excellent quality. She has dozens of other products available in her shop as well, including subclass and spell cards, printouts featuring familiars and Druid Wild Shape stats on them, and even editable monster stat blocks. With tons of tools for players and DMs alike, Snyder’s shop could be perfect for both new and veteran fans, especially considering D&D's new products are being designed to be more user-friendly.

Dungeons and Dragons is available now.

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Source: Etsy/LeosLittleDragons