Naruto is a legendary anime that has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. The series is known for its brilliant storytelling, memorable characters, and epic battles that have become legendary in the realm of shonen anime. Despite the many years that have passed following its conclusion, Naruto continues to remain relevant courtesy of its sequel series, Boruto, which has picked up immensely after a brutally slow start.

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One of the key strengths of Naruto is the sheer depth and complexity of its lore and world-building. From the hidden villages and their ninja clans to the rich history of the world itself, there are countless plot threads and details that keep fans engaged and coming back for more. However, long-time fans of the series are well aware of just how loose the writing became later on, leading to many lingering mysteries and unresolved stories that deserve a proper explanation.

10 Why Did Neji Not Use His Taijutsu To Save Both Himself And Naruto?


Neji is a master of using the Byakugan, whipping out the patented Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven technique without any issues whatsoever. However, it seems he apparently forgot about this move when he rushed in to save Naruto during the War arc.

This led to a heartbreaking moment as Neji sacrificed himself, although some people found this moment to be pretty contrived. To this day, fans aren't convinced that a genius like Neji simply didn't have the time to pull this technique off and save everyone without losing his life.

9 How Are The ANBU So Ridiculously Ineffective?

Naruto Konoha Anbu

The ANBU takes on the role of the elite ninja force that guards the Hidden Leaf Village and carries out many sensitive operations. They are often portrayed as highly skilled and deadly operatives, with Hidden Leaf legends like Itachi and Kakashi being a part of this group.

However, when push comes to shove, they seem to be consistently ineffective in actually protecting the village or its important figures. This problem became so prevalent that most fans now consider them to be a joke as opposed to a group of shinobi who should be feared for their prowess.

8 What In The World Happened To Sakura's Genjutsu Prowess?

Iconic March Anime Characters- Sakura Haruno

Sakura is a character with a ton of promise who barely accomplished anything as the series went on, leading to many fans hating her despite the fault mainly lying with Kishimoto. Early on, it was revealed that she had a natural affinity towards genjutsu, leading to many fans believing that she would become a master of illusions in her own right.

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However, as the story went on, Sakura ended up becoming a carbon copy of Tsunade instead of developing unique genjutsu powers of her own. It's the first instance of Kishimoto neglecting her character — something that would become common practice as the series went on.

7 Why Did Itachi Never Realize That His Plan To Save Sasuke Would Backfire?

Itachi and Sasuke in Naruto

For decades, Sasuke believed that Itachi killed everyone in his clan for no rhyme or reason, setting him down a path of vengeance as he got stronger to take out his brother once and for all. However, it turned out that Itachi was told by the elders of the village to take out the Uchiha clan, with this powerful shinobi requesting for Sasuke to be spared.

Ultimately, Itachi's master plan to save Sasuke from the darkness of the Uchiha clan backfired massively when Sasuke became consumed with hatred after this revelation and sought to destroy Konoha instead. It remains a mystery why Itachi did not anticipate this outcome, especially since he's meant to be a pretty smart shinobi.

6 The Chunin Exams Too Dangerous Given That Most Of Its Participants Are Kids

Orochimaru Infiltrates Chunin Exams

The Chunin Exams are a highly dangerous event in which young ninja are placed in life-threatening situations where they can potentially get mortally injured. The fact that a diabolical figure like Orochimaru managed to infiltrate these exams is proof enough of just how poor the security here really was.

These events raise some serious questions about the wisdom of allowing children to participate in such a deadly competition in the first place. Surely, the adults responsible for the Chunin exams shouldn't be so indifferent to these risks.

5 Why Are The Jinchuuriki Ostracized If They House Such Destructive Power?

Naruto stops a pseudo jinchuuriki

The Jinchuuriki are people with the power of the tailed beast sealed within their bodies. These tragic figures are reviled by their village, being hailed as omens of disaster that remind people of the destruction these beasts caused in the past.

However, it should be pretty logical that the Jinchuuriki should be treated with love so that they strive to protect the village instead of resenting it. What's stopping any person from losing their cool and unleashing this beast as a form of revenge for all the trauma they had to endure?

4 Who Killed Hashirama In Battle?

Hashirama and Tobirama

The death of Hashirama, one of the founding members of the Hidden Leaf Village and the first Hokage, is shrouded in mystery. He's one of the most powerful shinobi of all time, being able to best an imposing shinobi like Madara and fostering a level of peace in the ninja world that was previously unheard of.

However, instead of dying of natural causes, it's stated that Hashirama lost his life during one of the many battles he took part in. This seems hard to believe, especially when the identity of the man who supposedly killed someone as legendary as him hasn't even been revealed.

3 Why Did Lord Jashin Become A Thing Of The Past Along With Hidan?

Hidan Laughs while using His Curse To Kill Asuma

Hidan is one of the most diabolical antagonists in Naruto's history, with his murderous nature causing Asuma's death. Watching Shikamaru gain the Will of Fire and give Hidan an unceremonious live burial made for one of the best moments in the entire anime.

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However, the fact that other followers of Lord Jashin never bothered to contact their comrade or avenge him is rather odd. After all, a group of immortal enemies would be quite tough indeed... and it's possible that the struggle of writing such a battle caused Kishimoto to drop the fervor around Lord Jashin altogether.

2 What Was The Illness That Caused Itachi To Lose His Strength In The First Place?

Itachi Sasuke Death

During his battle with Sasuke, it's shown just how badly Itachi was being affected by his illness. This caused his reflexes to become slower, leading to him being damaged by attacks that he could've easily avoided.

It's a shame that Naruto never reveals exactly what this illness was, choosing to leave this ailment completely shrouded in mystery. After all, it's only a given that fans would be interested in the details of a disease so potent that even Itachi couldn't deal with it.

1 Shouldn't Women Be Spared From Becoming Jinchuuriki?

Kushina Uzumaki in Naruto

Kushina's backstory revealed that the seal of a Jinchuuriki weakens while giving birth. This opening is what Obito exploited, unleashing the devastating power of the Kyuubi to ravage the whole village.

This instance should make it infinitely clear that women should never be chosen as Jinchuuriki unless there's no option whatsoever. However, the ninja world clearly didn't get this memo and continues to use women as Jinchuuriki even now.

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